You can use the Tile custom post type to create: button, map, gallery slider, image, and text (with shortcodes support). The Tile posts are displayed using [ tile ] shortcode. They can be categorized which give you full control of which tiles to display. You can display them individual, in a group, or a category. Below are some examples.

Home Category

The following shortcode displays 9 posts from homepage category.

[tile category=”homepage” limit=”15″]

Social Category

Below is the social category.

[tile category=”social” limit=”5″]

Shortcodes Category

Below is the shortcodes category to show you that you can use the Tile posts to display content using Themify Shortcodes or plugins. You can display posts, sliders, Flickr photos, Twitter updates, map, etc.

[tile category=”shortcodes” limit=”11″]

Single Tile

You can display a single tile by its post ID number (eg. [ tile id=”12″ ]).

[tile id=”12″]

Grouped ID Tiles

You can display a group of tiles by multiple post ID numbers (eg. [ tile id=”445, 428, 430, 335, 8″]).

[tile id=”445, 428, 430, 335, 8″]